Here are some of our most fequently asked questions. If you can't find an answer or have a special request, contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What sizes do The Mrs. Jacket rentals come in?
    We have 5 Mrs. Jackets available to rent ranging from extra small to large. 
  2. Do the Jackets come in different colour, washes, or conditions?
    We love that denim is always unique, which makes each Mrs. Jacket in unique. The rental Jackets come in 5 different variations. All of them are slightly distressed so they have a vintagey look. For our custom jackets we have 3 different jacket options for you to choose from. For custom Mrs. Jackets, please note that we cannot guarantee the exact distressed nature of your specific product.
  3. Who does the lettering for The Mrs. Jackets?
    The hand painted Mrs. Jacket rental lettering is designed by The Happy Ever Crafter, an Ottawa-based calligrapher who worked with Revelle Bridal to create this fun design. We are so happy with the end result! The embroidered jackets are embellished by Heart's Desire from Arnprior. 
  4. What type of paint is used on the hand painted Mrs. Jacket? Is it permanent?
    We use white fabric paint for the lettering on The Mrs. Jackets. Although fabric paint will hold up well under most circumstances, over time and use the paint may fade or come off. Follow this helpful link if you want to heat set the paint in order to make it last a bit longer. Please note that The Mrs. Jacket is not responsible for the durability of the paint on your custom Jacket.
  5. Can I wash my Mrs. Jacket?
    As mentioned in the last question, we are not responsible for the durability of the paint on your custom Jacket. That being said, although you should be able to wash your Jacket in a regular washing machine we do taking it to a reputable dry cleaning company instead. Talk to them about what condition your Jacket will be in after it is dry cleaned to make sure your are satisfied with the end results.
  6. How long do I get to keep the Mrs. Jacket rental?
    Our standard rental period for The Mrs. Jacket is for a one week period over your wedding weekend, usually from Thursday to Wednesday. If you need The Mrs. Jacket for longer than our standard rental period or happen to bring back the Jacket past the required drop-off date in your contract, you will be charged $25 per day that The Jacket is late. If you know that you would like to rent The Mrs. Jacket longer than a week, please contact us.
  7. What kind of customization can I add to my Mrs. Jacket?
    Our custom embroidered Mrs. Jackets can be personalized with you last name, wedding date or a short saying. If you would like a handpainted custom jacket, you can customize it with your last name! When you go to check out, you will be prompted to provide all of the information we need to create your vision. If you have a specific request, please reach out before placing your order.
  8. Which charity do some of the proceeds from The Mrs. Jacket sales go to?
    A little Karma always goes a long way so we decided that for every Mrs. Jacket rental and custom purchase we will make a donation to a local charity of our choosing. This year, we chose to support Indigenous Residential School Survivors Society. Each time you wear The Mrs. Jacket, you will be helping a cause that is close to our hearts. Thank you!